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by Thomas Wiloch

Naked Snake Press, 40 pp., paper, $6

"The mark of a good writer is one who can show you his world. The mark of an excellent writer is one who can take you to his world and leave you there, afraid you're not going to be able to get out, and Stigmata Junction is the work of an excellent writer." --C. Dennis Moore, in SFReader.com

"Wiloch has been publishing what deserve to be included among the best prose poems ever written in any language. They are - often simultaneously - haunting, hilarious, cruel, and intensely unusual." --Thomas Ligotti, author of The Nightmare Factory

"Wiloch is far and away the leading prose-poet in the horror and dark fantasy genres." --Bruce Boston, author of Masque of Dreams

Wiloch is "one of a handful of contemporary American masters of the prose miniature." --Greg Boyd, author of The Nambuli Papers

Wiloch's prose poems contain "scenes of cool sorrow, subtle cruelties, and surreal magic.... This collection is highly recommended to aficionados of surreal poetry." --Christine R. Morris, in Nyctalops

"Wiloch's work destroys any semblance of a line between the subjective and the objective universes and ventures where only the brilliant or the insane would dare." --Marie Buckner, in Elegia

Stigmata Junction is an outstanding collection of Thomas Wiloch's trademark surreal prose poems. Wiloch's previous collections include Paper Mask (Stride, 1988), Tales of Lord Shantih (Unicorn Press, 1989), The Mannikin Cypher (Bomb Shelter, 1989), and Mr. Templeton's Toyshop (Jazz Police, 1995). He is also the illustrator of The Eleventh Jaguarundi by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Invisible Machines by Andrew Joron and Robert Frazier, and Sensuous Debris by Bruce Boston. His work has appeared in the anthologies Angel Body, The Evil Entwines, Epitaphs, and Stigmata.

Stigmata Junction is available from the author at: Thomas Wiloch, Suite #226, 42015 Ford Road, Canton, MI 48187. Just send a $6 money order for a signed copy.

You can also order via email and pay via PayPal: twiloch(at)wowway(dot)com.

You can even download an e-book version of Stigmata Junction from: Fictionwise. It takes only a few seconds of time.