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Prose Poems and Photocollages
by Thomas Wiloch

Visit the wonderfully macabre world of Thomas Wiloch once again in this beautifully illustrated volume of his short fiction and prose.

Wiloch's previous collections include Paper Mask (Stride, 1988), Tales of Lord Shantih (Unicorn Press, 1989), The Mannikin Cypher (Bomb Shelter, 1989), and Mr. Templeton's Toyshop (Jazz Police, 1995).

"Wiloch's work destroys any semblance of a line between the subjective and the objective universes and ventures where only the brilliant or the insane would dare, and we are allowed a peek through the keyhole." --Elegia Magazine

Wiloch portrays "fragmentary confrontation with alien Otherness described in a symbolic vocabulary of closed rooms, casual catastrophe, uncanny Fortean phenomena, rituals of cruelty, and fleeting visions of transmundane worlds." --A. C. Evans, Stride Magazine

Wiloch's "prose poems resemble the ones of Clark Ashton Smith: beautifully written vignettes which start from nowhere and lead nowhere, but drip with surrealistic and dreamlike images." --Tiamat Magazine

"I've never met Wiloch, ... but I'd love to meet him, cuz the stuff that goes through this guy's head, he's GOT to be fun to hang around with." --C. Dennis Moore, SF Reader.com

Send $8 (for a signed copy) to: Thomas Wiloch, Suite 226, 42015 Ford Road, Canton, MI 48187. Also available in print and e-book versions from Lulu.