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Art/Literature Links

AA Independent Press Guide
Abe Books
Absinthe: New European Writing
Villiers de l'Isle Adam stories
AHRC Centre for Surrealism
Arno Breker
Ars Obscura Bookbinders
Art Bin Magazine
Art Cyclopedia
Art Renewal Center
Ash-Tree Press
Association of Literary Scholars and Critics
Atlas Press
Back Brain Recluse Magazine
J. G. Ballard
The Birch: East European and Eurasian Culture
Black Book of Clark Ashton Smith
Bood Samel
Book Crossing
British Fantasy Society
Cabinet des Fees: A Fairy Tale Journal
Cafe Irreal
Calenture: Journal of Studies in Speculative Verse
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
Charlie Chan Net
Leslie Charteris's The Saint
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis Bio
Crazy Horse Memorial
Creation Books
Crime and Mystery Fiction
Cue: A Magazine of Prose Poetry
Cyclopedia of Ghost Story Writers
DaDa Online
Gabriele d'Annunzio
Dedalus Books
Double Room Magazine
Dusty Shelf E-zine
Estonian Literary Magazine
FAB Press
Fantastic Art of Ciurlionis
Fantastic Metropolis
Feral House
Firewheel Editions
First Surrealist Manifesto
Five Card Nancy
Fringecore Magazine
Fritz Lang: Master of Darkness
Futurism and the Futurists
Futurism: Manifestos and Other Resources
Gaslight (19th-Century Text Archive)
Heat City Review
Matt Heckert
Jorge Hitchcock Website
Horror Masters
International Dada Archive
Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies
Jacket Magazine
David Keyes
kicking giants
Lightning on Demand
Lithuanian Mythological Tales
Lithuanian Tales
Little Elegy Magazine
Lituanus Magazine
H. P. Lovecraft Archive
Magnetic Fields
Margin Magazine
Simon Marsden Website
Marvels & Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies
Medieval Macabre Imagery
Modern Drunkard Magazine
Moorcock's Miscellany
MultiVerse Speculative Poetry Reviews
Mythical-Folk Encyclopedia
The Nambuli Papers
ParaTheatrical ReSearch
PhotoStatic Magazine
Planet Cioran
Polish Art Center
William Powell
Rain Taxi Review of Books
Remaking Project
Dee Rimbaud
Rue Morgue Press
Russian Gothic Art Page
Sackner Archive
John Santerineross
Sarcophagus Store
Senses of Cinema
Seraphemera Books
Shadow Magazine Downloads
Shroud Magazine
The Sickly Taper
Sidereality Magazine
Silent Ladies and Gents
Robert Smithson.org
Strange Attractor
Surreal Nancy Comic Strips
The Surrealism Server
Survival Research Labs
Georg Trakl Web Site
Georg Trakl: 20 Poems
Urgent Alchemy
Valancourt Books
Violet Books
Web Gallery of Art

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