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The Occult Christ,Ted Andrews, Llewellyn Publications.

"Occult Christianity," Ted Andrews explains in The Occult Christ, "places the responsibility for humanity's spiritual growth back where it belongs. Not in the hands of the priest, the minister, or the preacher--but in the hands of the individual."

Drawing on Theosophical, Rosicrucian, Gnostic, and Anthroposophic sources, Andrews presents an extensive overview of the Christ Mysteries of occult tradition. In doing so, he reveals the Divine Feminine side of Christianity, how to work with the angelic hierarchy, and explains the hidden meanings of Christian symbology. He also outlines seasonal rituals in accordance with a Christian Year of the Soul, each season signifying a step on the inward path of growth through the Christ.

Reading The Occult Christ is like having a series of veils lifted, veils which have obscured your vision of familiar objects without your ever having realized it. Suddenly the cross, the trinity and the events in the life of Jesus reveal themselves as bearers of unsuspected insights. These insights are all the more startling for those who have been raised in the Christian faith and who, through neglect or inattention, have become convinced that there is nothing of esoteric interest in the familiar teachings. Andrews may make you take a closer look at a faith you had thought to be irrelevant to your life.

There is much here for those interested in ritual magic or occult initiation, as well. "The Bible," Andrews observes, "is a manual for occult development.... Every event and every aspect in the life of the Christ Jesus has an occult significance in the initiatory process. Within its teachings are concealed the inner Mysteries."

The Occult Christ is a valuable source for all occult seekers who wish to apply familiar teachings in unfamiliar ways.

--Thomas Wiloch