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My Picnic with Lolita and Other Poems

Jack Conway

North Country Press 2004

You have to like Jack Conway's poems. With titles like "Making Crank Calls to the Gas Chamber," "There Were No Doggie Bags at the Last Supper," and "Ferlinghetti Spaghetti," you know right away he isn't trying to deconstruct anything or otherwise get on your nerves. In fact, a poem like "When Frankenstein Goes on Vacation" could even be published in a genre magazine. Oh yeah, Conway is a regular guy. His poems are clever, funny, even fun to read. And they resist the politically-correct insults and mob thinking so common today. There just are not many poets around you can say that about. Try reading his "I Found American Literature's Wallet." Among the items in the wallet: a warranty for Sylvia's gas stove, a lottery ticket belonging to Shirley, Jack's Triple A membership card, and a business card for Walt's lawn care service. You'll chuckle. You might even come away feeling a bit jealous of the man who wrote this poem. He's that good.