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Thomas Wiloch's Bibliography

Collections of Prose Poems

Stigmata Junction (Stride, 1985; new edition, Naked Snake Press, 2005).

Paper Mask (Stride, 1988).

Tales of Lord Shantih (Unicorn Press, 1989).

The Mannikin Cypher (Bomb Shelter, 1989).

Mr.Templeton's Toyshop (Jazz Police, 1995).

Screaming in Code (Naked Snake Press, 2006).

Collections of Cut-up Haiku

Night Rain (Runaway Spoon Press, 1991).

Decoded Factories of the Heart (Trombone Press, 1992, new edition, Runaway Spoon Press, 1995).

Narcotic Signature (Burning Press, 1992).

Neon Trance (Runaway Spoon Press, 1997).


Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Yourself and Others from Abduction (young adult), Rosen Publishing, 1998.

Crime: A Serious American Problem, Information Plus, 2004.

National Security, Information Plus, 2005.

Prisons and Jails, Information Plus, 2005.

As Illustrator

The Eleventh Jaguarundi, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Wordcraft, 1995.

Sensuous Debris, by Bruce Boston, Dark Regions Press.

Invisible Machines, by Andrew Joron and Robert Frazier, Wordcraft.


Contributor to some 25 books, including the New York Public Library Literature Companion, Angel Body, The Evil Entwines, Stigmata and Epitaphs.

Contributor to some 200 magazines, including Publishers Weekly, Rain Taxi, Carpe Noctem, The Sentimentalist, Bloomsbury Review, Factsheet Five, and Small Press Review. From 1982 to 1985, Wiloch edited Grimoire, a surrealist/macabre magazine. He was an associate editor with Sidereality Magazine, 2004-05.

Amazon.com sells author sketches written by Wiloch during his years with Thomson Gale, a reference book publisher.

Some of these magazines and books can be ordered from:

I'm in the BBR Catalogue

The Locus Index lists many of Wiloch's genre writings, as does the Internet Speculative Fiction Data Base.

Wiloch is "one of a handful of contemporary American masters of the prose miniature." --Greg Boyd, author of The Nambuli Papers

"Wiloch has been quietly working away in relative obscurity in his own 'niche' for two decades, developing a one-of-a-kind approach to a form he almost entirely owns. Wiloch writes surrealist short-short pieces, often no longer than a page, that are as philosophical as they are whimsical, as clever as they are poetic, and as disturbing as they are intelligent." --Michael Arnzen, author of 100 Jolts

Wiloch's prose poems contain "scenes of cool sorrow, subtle cruelties, and surreal magic." --Christine R. Morris, in Nyctalops

"Wiloch has been publishing what deserve to be included among the best prose poems ever written in any language. They are - often simultaneously - haunting, hilarious, cruel, and intensely unusual." --Thomas Ligotti, author of The Nightmare Factory

"Wiloch is far and away the leading prose-poet in the horror and dark fantasy genres." --Bruce Boston, author of Masque of Dreams

"Wiloch's work destroys any semblance of a line between the subjective and the objective universes and ventures where only the brilliant or the insane would dare, and we are allowed a peek through the keyhole." --Elegia Magazine

Wiloch portrays "fragmentary confrontation with alien Otherness described in a symbolic vocabulary of closed rooms, casual catastrophe, uncanny Fortean phenomena, rituals of cruelty, and fleeting visions of transmundane worlds." --A. C. Evans, Stride Magazine

Wiloch's "prose poems resemble the ones of Clark Ashton Smith: beautifully written vignettes which start from nowhere and lead nowhere, but drip with surrealistic and dreamlike images." --Tiamat Magazine

"I've never met Wiloch, ... but I'd love to meet him, cuz the stuff that goes through this guy's head, he's GOT to be fun to hang around with." --C. Dennis Moore, SF Reader.com